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Monthly Archives for August 2012

Can You Identify This Man?

Investigators with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department are asking for the public’s help in identifying a person of interest in the Dollar General Store Robbery in Summertown.

The person is described as a black male 6’0” to 6’3” tall, thin build, with short hair. The black male was wearing blue jeans with a black shirt and a blue ball cap with a white Indianapolis Colts logo on the front and what is believed to be Indianapolis wrote in white across the back.

This male subject was in the Dollar General two hours prior to the robbery and was driving the same type of vehicle as described by witnesses during the robbery.

During the course of this investigation investigators have been able to link this robbery with one committed in Franklin, TN and investigators from both agencies have been comparing notes and following leads in both cases.

Investigators are utilizing YouTube to release the videos of the person of interest and the actual robbery and the links to the videos are listed below.

If anyone has any information please call the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department’s Criminal Investigation Division at 931-762-1608 ext. 112 or 115.

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Charges Issued Against Pair Evading Arrest

Driver Steven Daniel Higgins, 22, of 342 Deller Street was issued charges of evading arrest, unlawful possession/carrying of a firearm (by a convicted felon), and public intoxication. He was issued citations for, driving on a suspended license and reckless driving. Passenger John Robert Debartolomies, 24, of 1107 Roberts Avenue is charged with resisting arrest, unlawful possession/carrying of a firearm, and public intoxication.

Deputies with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department report they were watching traffic in the Leoma area shortly before midnight, when they attempted to stop a vehicle with only one functional headlight. When one of the deputies approached the rear of the car, reports show that the driver sped away.

Deputies gave pursuit, following the car north. At one point, reports show that the driver narrowly evaded a collision with the vehicle of an off-duty detective, forcing him into a different lane of travel. Higgins reportedly veered into the southbound lanes and drove recklessly, posing a hazard to other drivers, as well.

Higgins reportedly attempted to exit onto the Highway 64 bypass, but was traveling at too great a speed. He then pulled the car into the parking lot of a market at the Prosser Road intersection. The pair then exited, fleeing on foot into a nearby wooded area.

Higgins was quickly captured, but allegedly kicked and fought the arresting officer. At the time reports were filed Debartolomies had not been arrested, however warrants had been issued against him.

When the vehicle was searched, deputies report finding a loaded .22 caliber pistol beneath the passenger seat.

Both Higgins and Debartolomies are scheduled an initial appearance in Lawrence County General Sessions Court of September 17, 2012.

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Arrests Made After Residents Robbed At Gunpoint

An Iron City woman was jailed in the early hours Monday after she was identified as the person who had attempted to rob two local residents at gunpoint.

Reports filed through the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department show that deputies were dispatched to Hilltop Market on South Locust Avenue just before 1:00 a.m.

The victims, ages 19 and 20, reported that while they were in the parking lot of Rick’s Barbecue in the Dunn community, a woman had held them at gunpoint and demanded money.

The victims said that they had met the woman shortly before at Hilltop Market. They said they were talking to some friends, and that they had spoken with a woman they identified as Kimberly Ann Phillips, age 28, of 19 North Walnut Street.

They told deputies that they had left, southbound on Highway 43, and that Phillips followed them. They said she flagged them down, so they stopped at the Dunn convenience store.

The victims said Phillips approached their vehicle and asked whether they had any money. They said she asked them to wait, walked back to her car, then approached them with a gun in-hand.

The driver said that Phillips put the gun to his chest, then cocked the hammer and demanded he hand over money. When he told her he had none, he said she pointed the gun at the passenger, again demanding money.

The driver told deputies he could see the bullets inside the gun. He said that he stated, “There’s a cop,” and that Phillips looked away. He took advantage of the distraction, putting the truck into motion.

He told deputies that Phillips tried to hang on to the truck door as he pulled away. The victims drove back to Hilltop Market, then called to report the crime.

The victims were able to provide deputies with the name of the victim as well as a description of her car. Deputies located the suspect nearby, in the parking of First Assembly of God.

Deputies approached the vehicle with caution, ordering Phillips to exit the car and lie on the ground. She reportedly had a knife sheathed at her side, and a .38 revolver and five rounds of ammunition lying on the front seat.

Phillips was reportedly found to have a pill bottle on her person that contained a variety of pills and a small amount of marijuana.

Phillips told officers that she did have the gun out earlier, but that it had been unloaded. She told them that she was “just playing,” that the gun was unloaded, and that she had no intention of hurting the victims.

Phillips was transported to the Lawrence County Detention Center where she was booked under charges that include possession of Schedule III and Schedule IV narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia, illegal possession of a weapon, and two counts of aggravated robbery.

She is scheduled to answer the charges in Lawrence County General Sessions Court on October 4, 2012.

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Arrestee Says He Was Unaware It Is Ilegal To Enter Others’ Cars On Sundays

A man arrested Sunday evening for burglarizing an automobile explained to police officers that he had been, “Unaware that it was illegal to enter someone else’s vehicle on Sundays.”

Keith Dewayne Martin, a forty-seven year old resident of 900 North Locust Avenue, was arrested around 7:40 p.m. at Travelers Motel.

Lawrenceburg Police Officers were summoned to G&G Auto on First Avenue where the owner reported a man had broken into a vehicle.

The owner reported that Martin had attempted to pry a CD player from a Chevrolet S-10 truck. When he confronted Martin, he said he rode away on a bicycle, stopping at the nearby motel.

A knife found inside the truck was taken into evidence. Martin claimed ownership, but told officers that the knife must have fallen from his pocket while he was inside the vehicle. He denied that he had attempted to steal the CD player.

Reports indicate that when first confronted by officers, Martin gave a false identity, claiming that his name was Logan Clay Cox. The motel owner told officers that Martin had thrown something into an outdoor garbage receptacle before officers arrived on the scene.

Officers retrieved Cox’s wallet from the trash container. They later found Cox’s truck parked at Massey Motors. When questioned, they report Martin denied having stolen the wallet from Cox’s vehicle.

Martin was booked through the Lawrence County Detention Center on charges of vandalism, theft, giving false information, and two counts of burglary. He is to answer the charges in general sessions court on October 4, 2012.

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Convicted Sex Offender Arrested For Residing At Nonregistered Address

Local police officers arrested a convicted sex offender last week after finding that he was residing at a home other than the one he had listed with state law enforcement agencies.

The arrest was the result of a joint investigation conducted through the Lawrenceburg Police and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Departments.

A press release issued Friday indicates that Curtis L. Martin, age 47, was arrested on August 23 at a home on Fisher Alley in Lawrenceburg.

Authorities report that Martin had been released from a prison in Alabama in February, after having been incarcerated for failing to report his status through the Sex Offender Registry.

Investigators became privy to information that indicated Martin had taken up residence at the Fisher Alley home, without reporting the change of address as required by law. Officers staked out the home, which led them to apprehend Martin while in his vehicle near the address.

Martin was booked through the Lawrence County Detention Center on charges of violation of the sex offender registry law. He was incarcerated in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

Martin has been scheduled an initial appearance in Lawrence County General Sessions Court on September 7, 2012.

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Court Of Appeals Reverses Decision In Solid Waste Lawsuit

A case involving a dispute over a county government solid waste services contract has been remanded to the local court system by the Tennessee Court of Appeals.

The legal action resulted from a “request for proposals” (RFP) issued by the Lawrence County Board of Commissioners in December of 2010, soliciting bids for the collection, transportation, disposal and/or recycling of solid waste refuse.

Legal council for Waste Services of Decatur (WSD) filed the lawsuit in February of 2011, shortly after the commission voted to award the five-year contract to Waste Connections of Mississippi (WSM).

During a hearing held in August of 2011 legal council for WSD argued before Judge Stella Hargrove that wording on the bid documents was misleading regarding the type of bid solicited.

They stated that, because company officials believed the bid they were submitting differed in content from the WCM bid, the two could not be fairly compared. They stated that the company had been under the impression that further negotiation would be allowed.

Attorneys for WCM, along with County Attorney Charlie Holt argued that wording on the document was clear, and that county commissioners had awarded the bid in good faith, not in an arbitrary manner.

After considering the matter, Hargrove issued a decision in favor of the commission. She stated, “The court finds that the RFP, and addendum, is clear, precise and unambiguous. There are no provisions in the RFP, either express or implied, that gives any person, contractor or other entity submitting a proposal, the right to modify, resubmit or negotiate a different price quote than originally proposed.”

WCM attorneys then carried the case to the state Court of Appeals, seeking to have the decision reversed. After studying evidence presented in the case, appellate judges ultimately issued a converse opinion.

Members concluded that, “The County did not act illegally, arbitrarily, or fraudulently in opting to use the RFP process.” They noted that, “WSD (who had held the contract for ten years prior) was awarded its previous contract…pursuant to an RFP process. Moreover, WSD did not object to the use of the RFP process here until it learned it was not the winning proposer.”

Members stated that they found, “…no merit in WSD’s contention that the County was required to conduct further negotiations…The fact that the county attorney scheduled meetings with two proposers but these meetings never took place does not establish that such meetings were mandatory under the RFP process.”

Holt said Thursday that the appellate court remanded the case due to the fact that an error was made involving review by the county’s Solid Waste Committee. Apparently one step in the process was overlooked.

Due to this error, appellate judges expressed in an opinion filed on August 14, 2012, “We conclude that the County acted illegally and arbitrarily in this case by failing to follow the RFP procedures and because the decision is unsupported by material evidence.”

Members stated in their conclusion, “We reverse the trial court’s decision, vacate the County Commission’s decision and remand the matter to trial court with instructions to return the case to the County for further action consistent with this opinion.”

They emphasized, “We are not requiring that the County begin the process anew with a new RFP, but that is an option that the County may choose.”

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Suspects Charged In Armed Robbery, Home Invasion

Lawrenceburg Police Chief Judy Moore announced Friday that several individuals had been apprehended in connection with recent crimes that occurred inside the city, including an armed robbery and a home invasion.

The armed robbery took place around 5:00 a.m. on August 10, 2012 in 1100 block of Roberts Avenue.

The victim reported to police officers that he had been walking along the street when he was confronted by two men, one wielding a firearm. He told officers that one of the men struck him with some type of object. He said they forced him to remove part of his clothing, took his wallet and cell phone, then fled.

The home invasion was reported at 4:20 a.m. on August 20, 2012 at a home on Fourth Street. That victim reported he had awakened when his front door was kicked open.

He said a masked man entered, sprayed his eyes with mace, then struck him with a baseball bat. He reported the intruder stole some of his personal property before fleeing the scene.

During the ensuing investigations detectives with the department were able to link the crimes, identifying several common suspects.

Lawrenceburg residents Daniel Lee Byrd, 21, Eric Pulos, 23, and Timothy Lee Christian, 22, were arrested on one count of aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, and theft apiece in connection with the armed robbery.

They were jailed through the Lawrence County Detention Center under a bond of $101,000 each. The same charges were issued, and warrants obtained, against Adam Michael Hunt, age 19, of Lawrenceburg. Moore reports that charges will be sought against at least two additional suspects.

Charges related to the home invasion will also be sought against the six suspects, when evidence in both cases is presented to the Lawrence County Grand Jury.

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